How would you have imagined your home to be a space that elevates your living experience?

We bring that experience to you through Spectra! The name “Spectra” itself radiates an aura of vibrancy. The 4 tall towers of the property are of bright colors that light up its surroundings. The building has a feeling that makes its presence, vivid. That is why the name given to it is a suitable representation of the personality that it embodies.

Just like the name suggests, here is where a spectrum of various colors of every individual gets enhanced and celebrated. An experience that does not compromise on providing you with an abundance of luxury and comfort.

Envisioning the Design Process

ASBL Spectra comes with a design philosophy that has a story to tell. Various lives thriving in a space that is brightened up with distinct colors. The ambiance is what narrates the vision that led to the designing of this property. The building and its warm aura light up its centrally located presence.

A place that houses all your comforts, making it convenient to find everything that you require or desire, right around the corner! The colors add an identity to its existence. Hence, the colorful strokes have a role to play in how a living experience would be reimagined here. If you were to become a part of this luxurious complex, your personality would be uplifted in its brightening presence.

Live your Canvas

ASBL Spectra is a vivid example of how life gets uplifted when filled with colors. This space has an aura to elevate someone’s experience of living. This enhancing spatial experience is what Spectra is all about. Spaces have the power to help an individual’s personality and experience to evolve. Spectra will be that home that will help your persona to elevate.

Here you will find the perfect blend of your own intimate space in the form of a 3BHK- Outdoor living. This one-of-a-kind Outdoor living is a refreshing experience of its own. It is very empathetically planned and is like an infinity room which you can use for whatever you wish for. It is like an extension of yourself that you use for various activities like holding get-togethers or setting up your personal garden!

Apart from this, a pet park, an open-air theatre, an in-house salon – are a few of the state- of- amenities you get to experience. These social living pockets will be the spaces where you can occasionally interact and form new bonds.

With such equipped features line-up, if you were to choose to stay here, it would surely leave you impressed

The Location Stands Out

Spectra’s central location is the greatest asset of this residential property. Nestled in the heart of the IT Hub, in Nanakaramguda, the convenient vicinity of Financial District, Hitech City, and Gachibowli – makes this a landmark property. The easy connectivity makes this locale stand out. Have a look at the nearby attractions that adds on to the advantage of being in such a great location:

  • 1.5 km from Keystone International School
  • 5.4 km from Rockwell International School
  • 4.6 km from Delhi Public School
  • 3.7 km from Oakridge International School
  • 3 km from Zega
  • 4 km from Barbeque Nation
  • 4.2 km from T Grill Restaurant
  • 4.2 km from Driven Café
  • 2.2 km from GAR
  • 2.5 km from Cognizant
  • 3.7 km from ICICI Bank Tower
  • 2.5 km from Amazon
  • 6.3 km from AIG Hospital
  • 6.2 km from Care Hospital
  • 2.2 km from Continental Hospital
  • 7.8 km from Ikea
  • 4.0 km from Prism Club & Kitchen
  • 7 km from Sharath City Mall

Project website: ASBL SPECTRA

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