Hyderabad’s realty market is rising at a pace unlike any other. The biggest reason for this is the ever-growing IT belt in Gachibowli. Google, Amazon, Wipro, Microsoft, and the likes reside in this area, making it the most profitable commercial space. The social infrastructure is such that these big office spaces are present in pockets, making way for residential properties.
Here are three reasons why these residential apartments in Financial District, Gachibowli are the best investment opportunities for customers looking for great returns.

1. 3BHK flats with attached ROI

If Nanakramguda doesn’t give great returns, then which place will? The south western regions of Hyderabad is the fastest growing IT hub in India. IT Giants like Infosys, Cyient, Capgemini, GAR Infobahn, etc have made their SEZs here, and the biggest brands in the world such as Apple, Dell, etc. have made their biggest headquarters in Financial District. The rising prices in this area make it one of the best real estate investments for people who want to double their returns. Moreover, the large number of schools such as Keystone International School, Delhi Public School, Rockwell International School, etc. make it very convenient for people to live in a place which is close to all their needs. Malls such as Sarath City mall, Inorbit Mall, and IKEA take care of the entertainment and lifestyle side of things, making luxury a given.

2. Offers that one cannot refuse

Real estate builders such as ASBL, Prestige, Rajapushpa, Aparna, Sumadhura price their units according to the prevalent market property rates, but what stands out is the amount of offers available for residents and investors. Pre-EMI offers are especially popular here, where you can book a flat easily for just Rs 15 lakhs or so, and then the interest on the bank loan is reimbursed to the customers on a monthly basis.
Adding to this, great on-site discounts where the price of the flats per sq ft can be negotiated and reduced make it even Financial District the most trending place for people looking for financial gains.

3. Calm and connected

The Nehru ORR, ISB road, Nanakramguda Toll booth, and IIIT junctions are the lifelines of this region. They make Gachibowli the most centrally located area in Hyderabad. The residential properties in the heart of Financial District have great connectivity, making it the most premium area in Telangana.These are just three of the many reasons one should look at this area if they are looking to get great returns on their investment. Be it people who want to buy a flat to live in it, or those who want to sell/rent it out, this is the ‘it’ place. In the recent times even NRI audiences have shown interest in apartments in high rise gates societies of Gachibowli. Keeping these reasons in mind, very aptly this area is called Financial district as well.


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