If majority of your time goes surrounded by walls, you are living a life limited.

This gets you thinking right? Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the balcony. It is the most prized part of the house. It is the stage for bonding and celebrations, as well as the place where one spends peaceful alone time. Given that working from home has become the way many companies operate now, people are spending more time than ever before in their homes. Thus, it becomes imperative that residential projects show innovation in design of their apartments/flats, especially with the balconies.

Keeping these changing lifestyles in mind, ASBL has introduced the concept of Outdoor Living in Hyderabad. Their 3BHK flats in Kokapet and Financial District Gachibowli come with balconies which are as big as rooms. It essentially is a spacious balcony which stands out not because of its length, but because of 50% extra space added to its width.

These open spaces come with a planter box, electric charging point, and water inlet. These features make it more convenient to spend more and more time out in the open. Be it inviting friends over and having late night conversations under the stars, or starting your day with Yoga in in the morning sun, this Outdoor living Balcony is what you need in your apartment. It is the infinite room with a view where your creativity flows like never before.

The outdoor living space is the new nucleus of the home. It is the empty canvas that is yet to be painted on. Features such as the planter box, charging point, and water inlet are just the brushes you can choose to paint this room-like canvas in your colors.

Every outdoor living space will be unique because the vibe will be made up of elements of you and your family. Experience this airy limitless room which is not merely an extension of your home. It is an extension of yourself.

Projects with Outdoor Living: ASBL Spire | ASBL Spectra


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